Animal Hospital of Nicholasville is excited to offer services with our video otoscope as part of our continuing pledge to provide top of the line care for your animals. Our MedRx machine allows us to closely examine the ears of our pets while allowing our clients to see what we see! As we examine the ear, everything is projected onto a TV screen and we can give you a firsthand look at the inside of the ear canal. Dogs and cats have a longer external ear canal than we do and develop infections in their ears on a regular basis. Signs of an ear infection can include shaking the head, scratching at the ears, holding the ears differently, odor and discharge from the ears, swelling of the ear pinna (flap) and/or a head tilt. If your animal is exhibiting any of these signs, our doctors can perform an exam and recommend additional tests or treatments.

The best part of our MedRx is not just the detailed examination it allows us to do, it also gives us the capability of flushing the ears while pets are under anesthesia. Many infections cause a large build-up of wax in the ears. The wax is not only irritating to the ear, but, it makes our medications less effective; they cannot reach the skin underneath to treat the infection. Flushing the ears with the video otoscope, ensures we get out the maximum amount of debris and gives us a clean ear to start treatment. Treatment may involve medication you are putting in the ear at home, or if appropriate, may include a medication we instill that will treat for 2 weeks. Cats in particular are known for building up large wax balls after ear mite infestation and they can cause long-term problems if not removed.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (859) 887-8086.