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Fear Free

You may have noticed when you visit the Animal Hospital of Nicholasville that we do things a little I differently than most clinics. This unique experience starts with the first phone call you make to schedule an appointment. One of our friendly customer service representatives will ask about any anxiety, fear or stress your pet experiences during veterinary visits. This allows us to tailor a plan specifically for you and your pet to ensure the smoothest experience possible.

This is just one aspect of “fear-free” practice. Every staff member at Animal Hospital of Nicholasville has completed (or is currently working on) fear-free certification. This means that our staff is trained to identify signs of fear, anxiety or stress your pet may be trying to communicate and adjust our approach accordingly. By reading body language, verbal, and non-verbal cues, we can prevent escalation of negative emotions.
We know your pet is unique and one of a kind, so we keep emotional records on every patient so next time they visit we are more prepared with what works for each dog and cat to ease their fear, anxiety and stress. This may include prescribing anxiety-relieving medication for future visits.

Last but not least, we utilize a positive rewards system that includes a wide variety of treats for your food-motivated dog or cat (yes, cats love spray cheese, tool), catnip, and toys to make visiting us a positive experience!

We encourage you to stop by anytime just to say hi and familiarize your pet with our staff and hospital. We promise to give love, attention and treats each time you stop in!

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