We offer a medical boarding service at our clinic, designed for pets with conditions such as – diabetes, post-surgical care, patients with a history of seizures, and pets that require daily medications. We want our clients to feel secure leaving their animals with us, knowing we will be monitoring their medical needs and their well-being. We do not have a large outdoor facility and are unable to offer playtime, but the dogs do get outside 2-3 times a day, cats are allowed free run of our cat room during the day and they are all loved on by our staff. Hills Sensitive Stomach food is fed to all dogs who do not bring food from home and Hills Optimal Care Adult Feline is fed to our cats. We are happy to feed foods you bring in, including treats, and we board many animals requiring medications. Bedding is provided for all animals, including soft sided cubes for more timid cats to hide in. Please feel free to bring your own bedding, we will use it as much as possible, but remember, soiled items will need to be washed and could be in the process when you pick up.

Our clinic is a medical facility, and as such we do require our boarding animals to be current on vaccines and have a negative fecal examination. For dogs, they must be current on Rabies, Distemper-Parvovirus, and Bordetella vaccines. Cats must be current on their Rabies and Upper Respiratory vaccines. We recommend that all animals receive vaccines two weeks prior to entering a boarding facility (ours or any others) but we can give them while boarding if needed. Animals needing a fecal examination while boarding, will be given an appropriate deworming medication if they are positive. We also give all animals a Capstar® pill the day they are heading home, to ensure they have not been exposed to fleas. If you cannot pick up on your originally scheduled day, please let us know so we do not have to give multiple pills.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (859) 887-8086.