Wellness exams are a very important part of your pet’s care. Our pets age at a much faster rate than we do, on average 7 years to our 1, so it is imperative we do a physical exam on them once or twice a year to look for any early problems developing.

Our Annual Wellness visit for adult animals will include: a complete physical exam by a doctor, a heartworm test, a fecal examination, evaluation of your pet’s lifestyle, appropriate vaccinations and a nutrition consultation. As your pet ages and becomes a senior, we will add in once or twice yearly blood work to more thoroughly evaluate their health. Please write down the type of food and how much you are feeding to bring to your appointment.

Heartworm testing is done on a once a year basis for our canine patients to be sure they have not picked up an infection in the last year and to catch any infections as early as possible. Heartworms are spread through mosquitoes and the adult worms live inside the heart. Untreated, they can eventually lead to heart failure. We have several options available for heartworm prevention and will be happy to help you choose the best one for your dog’s lifestyle.

Fecal exams are done on a small amount of fresh feces to look for intestinal parasites. Some parasites are large enough they are visible when passed in the stool, but many are too small to see. There are parasites that infect dogs and cats that can also cause infections in humans. So, we need to be sure our pets are parasite free, for their health and ours. If possible, please bring a fresh fecal sample with you when you come for your visit.

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